Righteous One

Posted SATURDAY JANUARY 26TH , 2013 10:30 AM

When I was in the 8th Grade, my older sister used to take me to school and pick me up. She used to listen to all kinds of rap music. But the ones I always enjoyed the most was by Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony. I enjoyed the melody, the flow of their words and voices, and the general sound of it. I am not really “great” with music. Barely know any bands or artists by name. I grew up on video games and their music! But I knew the Bone Thugs.

Around that time, I was very much intently following the Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog series. They were doing an Ixis Naugus Arch. Ixis Naugus being a character from the much earlier SatAM series that has long since ended. In the comic. (I think Issus #75 area) Sonic and Tails embarks on a journey after Naugus, whom escapes from the Zone of Silence, and brings him to justice. When I heard Righteous One, I immediately thought of what was going on in the comics. Whenever the song would randomly come on, I would go through a “music video” in my mind every time. Of course I never really had a means of producing this kind of thing back then (2000). So it would just sit there in the back of my mind for another 8 years. That’s when I got a computer for college and a 3ds Max Trial. I spent the next 30 days learning enough of that program to see my idea finally come to be with what limited resources I still had. In the end I was very satisfied with the results, though a bit lacking from when I initially dreamt up.

The original version was rendered at 320×240 and took over a solid week. Not even including the time to render the pieces into one solid video. I decided to re-render my little video with my current computer, which is only 3 years newer then my previous computer. But this time I am rendering it at full 1920×1080! And basically it has taken once again, a solid week. Somethings just didn’t work right. The original files were saved from a 2005 version of 3DS Max, and the one I am currently using is 2013. So there were little things like the bones in Sonic’s torso were wrong, causing his spikes be bend out then inwards. Some textures were missing. The way the textures were showing up weren’t right at all. An example would be that the trees, water and grass in Knothole Village were set to “screen” and when it rendered, they never moved like patterns in a Chowder cartoon. I actually had to re-render Sally’s parts twice! Which was at least 70 hours alone, including her final scene a 3rd time because of a little Sonic with his crazy torso bones in there too that I didn’t notice at first. When Sonic turns Super Sonic at the end, I missed some polys. They stay blue instead of change to gold like the rest of him. Also I had no real idea, or good understanding of texturing and materials at the time of making it, all the color separations are literally different polys with solid colors. Another hurdle were the heads. They would move all crazy so I needed to change the animation keys on those from the original. Finally, the Super Spray that would be become “dust trail and water splash” for when Sonic was running just wouldn’t working that scene. Thus I just decided to remove it in the end.

I rendered this into individual jpgs at 1920X1080. I tried to render into a video, but the video would never play but the sound would work just fine.

Music Used:

Bone-Thungs-N-Harmony – BTNHRESURRECTION – RIghteous Ones feat. David’s Daughter

(Chorus) David’s Daughter – Sally

(Verse 1) Layzie Bone – Sonic

(Verse 2)Bizzy Bone – Tails

(Verse 3)Flesh -N- Bone – Knuckles

(Verse 4)Bizzy Bone – Sonic