Simone’s Red Dress

Posted JUNE 25TH MONDAY, 2012 2:04 AM

Yes I know I have two different dresses in the picture. I never took a good one of the red dress, so I decided to use this for both info images. After I made the Flapjack dolls, my friend wished to have some dresses made from vintage patterns. Boy were they! Both patterns are from the 1940’s. I was also given the thread, buttons, snaps, and basically everything else I needed. I started with the red dress due to its more simplistic design compared to the yellow dress, and also my non-existent knowledge of making clothes. Both pieces of fabric, like the patterns, are also vintage. So knowing that if I screw up, I will not be able to get any more to cover my bad craftsmanship. Luckily I was given quite a bit of the red. What I learned from making this dress is a thing called darts. This dress had darts all over it, and I had no idea what those were. I also learned how to use the button hole thing. This dress is from Advance Patterns. 

Bubby Handbanana