Timelapsing The Bell

Posted MONDAY OCTOBER 12TH , 2015 3:15 AM

For my YouTube/Twitch stuff to grow, I need artwork for myself! I have been using my Xbox avatar pretty much the whole time I had an online presence. So I needed one of my own design.

I needed some thing that would resemble my name. My namesake being the SNL sketch, I didn’t want to take from it for various reasons. After thinking of a few ideas, I went with the most ridiculous one, a cowbell with my general features! And it turned out horrifying once I put the beard on it. Especially since the bell, though I selected colors from a copper bell, ended up still looking like a flesh tone. Which made the image even more disturbing.

Timelapse videos are another thing I enjoy to watch on YouTube, if my Drive of 26 hours is any indication. I did the digital painting during a late night stream on Twitch. Afterwards I sped it up to fit a royalty free song I found in YouTube’s library. I will eventually need to find better music else where!

Video Information

Timelapse of a Twitch Stream

Creating the Cowbellatar