Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin Creation Timelapse!

Posted WEDNESDAY MAY 3RD, 2017 22:33 PM

Another Timelapse! I like timelapse videos. This one is about the whole creation process of my Studiopolis Zone skin for Winamp!

Before I started initial work on this skin, I already had decided that I was going to stream the whole process on my Twitch channel. While streaming, I was also recording it! I recorded over 225 hours give or take. 225 HOURS! That’s just over 28 solid work days (8 hours a day) Just under 5 weeks if this was my full time job lol Though I did not work for the solid 225 hours! I streamed anywhere from an hour at least to I think maybe 10 hours at most

The way I did this video is 10 hours–>1 Minute


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Timelapse of the Creation Process of my Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin

Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin
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