Resonance of Notice

Last Updated SUNDAY OCTOBER 4TH, 2015 2:45 AM

Resonance of Notice is something small I have been doing ever since I had a phone. Basically, they are simple ring tones of things I thought were interesting in the past, that I still enjoy today. What I did was went back through them and rerecorded a few for right now in better quality. Some, at the time of first recording them was covering up my phone mic with a sock to get a better recording on my old Nokia 3200! This list is not of all I have but just a small portion for now. And just like this list.

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Bill's Birthday Song

Who doesn’t love a good birthday song? Especially one from the saddest men in the world. I like to send this one out when I wish someone a merry birthed day.
From King of the Hill: Season 5 Episode 11 “Hank and the Glass Elevator”


LSP Ringtone

This one is just obnoxious. But it wasn’t for me and knew I had to get it. So if you really enjoy LSP, by all means here is her ring tone.
From Adventure Time: Season 4 Episode 6b “Gotcha!”


Francines Writing

Another one for a friend. I actually just saw this episode the other day on Adult Swim.
From American Dad: Season 7 Episode 6 “The Scarlett Getter!”


Adam West Taffy

School did not enjoy this tone. But who would enjoy it as much as Adam West enjoys his taffy.
From Family Guy; Season 2 Episode 18 “E. Pterbus Unum”


Murderface Vomits

After their scientists create the ability to record on one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen. The band gets drunk and this became my text alert for the remainder of 2007
From Metalocalypse: Season 2 Episode 3 “Dethvengeance”



Just before in the same episode, Nathan Explosion had a musical apiphany and needs it recorded, on water. And this became one of my favorite ring tones<
From Metalocalypse: Season 2 Episode 3 “Dethvengeance”



With Peter feeling inadequate about getting beat up by an octopus. He seeks out the gym to bulk and to defend himself. There he meets his trainers, Phineas & Barnaby
From Family Guy: Season 5 Episode 13 “Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey”


Joe Crying

Unable to catch the perp. Joe seeks solace with his closests friends. The one I used for a few months was looped, and lasted for 5 minutes
From Family Guy: Season 3 Episode 15 “Ready, Willing and Disabled”


Selfish Butt Horder

Bob brings in a cow that was standing outside his resturaunt and brought it upstairs without realizing that cows can not go down stairs. Louise points out that her dad will push the butt of a cow for 30 minutes without any help, stating the ringtone part
From Bob’s Burgers: Season 1 Episode 3 “Sacred Cow”


He's Not Snoring!

Fed up dealing with the post office. Dr Eggman grows tired of watching his enemy Tails fail at various attempts has he tries to attract a lady. This is the groan he did everytime he saw Tails, if only I could include the head shake too.
From Sonic Boom: Season 1 Episode 40 “Tails’ Crush”


Brian likes this sound

The sound you are delighted to hear time and time again. When one of your dwellers levels up and you get to cash in their hard work, for caps! I mixed the two sound files together to allow for pure cap collection, no vault background noise.
From Bethesda: Fallout Out Shelter


I am the Overseer

As I played further and further, gaining new dwellers for my vault. I would come back to more and more dwellers needing the LV UP treatment. It soons started to sound like this. It makes a good alarm sound.
From Bethesda: Fallout Out Shelter


You Will Not Sleep

I was visiting my best buddy for a week. Sleeping on the couch. No biggie. Then one morning I woke up early and heard this. His daughter “singing” a proclamation of her current state. My buddy suggested I add the bottles clanging like in the Warriors.
From Delilah


That's Enough Tina

Requested from a friend, I could not believe I didn’t think of it after doing the Dr Eggman groan. Tina’s Groan is so noticable with no context and instantly makes an great episode better!
From Bob’s Burgers: Season 2 Episode 5 “Food Truckin”


Synchronized Swimming

While searching for a good Tina groan with minimum background noise. I found one of many of Linda’s gems. As soon as I heard it, I instantly went to work.
From Bob’s Burgers: Season 2 Episode 3 “Synchronized Swimming”


Whomp Whomp Whomp whomp WHAUWMP

As Rigby struggles to do one pull up. Muscle Man makes the sound that has crushed many hearts on the Price is Right.
From Regular Show: Season 4 Episode 10 “One Pull Up”