Green Hill Zone WinAMP Skin

Posted FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15TH, 2013 14:24 PM

A skin for WinAMP. Truth be told I made this back in 2006 around this time, but took it down from the Winamp site due to people having errors. Since I didn’t have the time to work on it then, I just shelved it. But, I have been using this skin since then and never had any problems. So I made a few tweaks and decided it was fine for public consumption.

Winamp was very popular back in the day if you are unfamiliar with it. I decided that I wanted a “GREAT” Sonic themed skin, which their gallery lacks. While browsing for ideas before I set out to make one, I came across a particular skin called MMD3 by Sven Kistner, which is their most downloaded skin. I saw the little people dancing to the music and said “That’s it! That’s what I need to figure out” With help from their forums. I have several dancing objects. My favorite of course is the Crabmeat dancing. In the end I made a skin that resembles Green Hill Zone. Winamp has pretty much gone extinct, the version to download is from 2013, and was the last build from the team. It is very stable and I use it daily because I don’t know of another player that has the same skinning capabilities.


Updated:5/3/2017 Goal Sign uses script from Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin allowing for better control, and no errors! Also a startup animation was added

Green Hill Zone.wal 439K
WinAMP Media Player
Latest, Best Version
Once the program is installed and the skin is downloaded, just double click the .wal file to install.
  • All Windows skinned to resemble Green Hill Zone
  • Animated Water and Rotating Spike Beams
  • Motobug/Red Eyed Newtron as Seek bars
  • Choppers as Equalizer
  • Bumber/Buzz Bomber Volume
  • Seven Different Goal Signs that react to Music
  • Flowers and Crabmeat Dance to the Music
  • Shade mode by clicking the center ring in main window.
Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin