Green Hill Zone WinAMP Skin

Posted FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15TH, 2013 14:24 PM

A skin for WinAMP. Truth be told I made this back in 2006 around this time, but took it down from the Winamp site due to people having errors. Since I didn’t have the time to work on it then, I just shelved it. But, I have been using this skin since then and never had any problems. So I made a few tweaks and decided it was fine for public consumption.

Winamp was very popular back in the day if you are unfamiliar with it. I decided that I wanted a “GREAT” Sonic themed skin, which their gallery lacks. While browsing for SO I set out to make one. When I came across a particular skin called MMD3 by Sven Kistner, which is their most downloaded skin. I saw the little people dancing to the music and said “That’s it! That’s what i need to figure out” With help from their forums. I have a several dancing object. Favorite of course is the Crabmeat dancing. In the end I made a skin that resembles Green Hill Zone, if you put the Debug mode cheat in and put stuff everywhere.

Green Hill Zone.wal 439K  
WinAMP Media Player Free and a great player.
Once the program is installed and the skin is downloaded, just double click the .wal file to install.
  • All Windows skinned to resemble Green Hill Zone
  • Animated Water and Rotating Spike Beams
  • Motobug/Red Eyed Newtron as Seek bars
  • Choppers as Equalizer
  • Bumber/Buzz Bomber Volume
  • Seven Different Goal Signs that react to Music
  • Flowers and Crabmeat Dance to the Music
  • Shade mode by clicking the center ring in main window.