Walken Face

Posted WEDNESDAY MARCH 2ND, 2011 22:03 PM

One day we finished up early so I pulled out some vinyl I had cut earlier. I begin to weed out the excess and prepare it to apply. I of course used the Walken/Warhol design from the banner for this. With new found knowledge, I setup my hap-hazard design for vinyl cutting. I cut the face out of regular black vinyl that has a gloss to it. That way it’s not noticed right away at exactly what you are looking at as you follow this clunking Blue Explorer down the road to your own destination. But it was the eyes, the EYES that get people. For I used reflective white for the iris, and red reflective for the pupil. I was always jealous of people following me, getting to see what is staring back at them in the darkness of the night.

Controller Clip Christopher Walken Banner