Walken Banner

Posted THURSDAY MARCH 22ND, 2012 21:29 PM

A great man once said “Nik! You know what I would really like to see?” “What?” I says to this great man. “Christopher Walken, like Andy Warhol did for Marilyn Monroe.” So I got to work on it. I found this really crazy picture of Christopher Walken on the Googles. The original image that I used was a photo by Martin Schoeller. I started by drawing up a “flat” version, vectorized it and set it up. I asked my brother’s friend who just got me the job, to print it up. And there it is. The printer was set to 4 colors so it looks really dark, it probably would have come out more vibrant in 8 color mode. Long story short, that printer stunk something awful. And I got him the banner as a moving present!
It hung up opposite his baby’s crib.

Walken Face FlameShield