Terrible Mess

Posted MONDAY JANUARY 14TH, 21:55 PM

I thought I would change the name of this section before I actually updated but oh well! I briefly got a job at Domino’s Pizza while I was visiting my friends. It was definitely an interesting experience to say the least. I only worked the phones while there which was perfectly fine for me. I did not want to be a driver, for I did not know the area, and did not want to put my vehicle under that stress. When it got late, and I got to go home. I took the opportunity to make something not on the Domino’s menu. The first one I made was a small calzone used with a medium dough. It has the marinara, mozzarella cheese,pepperonis, sausage, ham, bacon, and spinach. It was topped with garlic parmesan sauce, which is what Domino’s puts on the crust of your pizza. It was great. The second thing I made was a really be calzone, this was for my second to last day. I it had all the same from the previous calzone, except this was made with a large dough, and also light alfredo sauce, cheddar cheese, steak, chicken, hamburger, and a few pineapples in the center. It was topped with more garlic parmesan, shredded parmesan cheese, bread stick seasoning, and finally butter before baking. This was amazing! I couldn’t eat it all right away but it had so many flavors, and the crust was great. Lastly, is my crown pizza. I made this on my last day. I used a large dough, and stretched it out to fit an extra large pan. I decided to make it a “Domino’s Sampler.” A pizza that embodied most of what Domiono’s had to offer and a few extras. There was a pepperoni and sausage slice, with bread stick crust. Hawaiian Pizza, and 3 cheese with stuffed cheese bread. A feta, chicken and spinach with stuffed cheese and bacon crust. A “Hot Wings” pizza with stuffed pepperoni crust. A Chicken Alfredo pasta bowl, parmesan bread bites, and cinna-stix. It was a huge assortment of great tastes and completely impractical to make. The stand round shape of the pizza does not allow for equal portions. If this was a square I feel would be more optimal. If made better, I believe that Domino’s could market it as a “party platter” pizza. Oh and I know what I am talking about when it comes to bringing things to a party. I once brought 50 Chicken McNuggets to a Christmas. Everyone laughed, until it was time to eat.

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