Flame Shield

Posted WEDNESDAY MARCH 2ND, 2011 21:16 PM

After the creation of the great Scalloped Potatoes. Another opportunity came about to create something. Gametrailers.com was having contests where they would judge user video submissions for prizes. The contest was for “Your Favorite Power Up” Everyone else picked obvious things, Mario Mushroom, Mario Star. Lots of Mario things really. So I chose the Flame Shield from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I talked to my boss to see if he would be OK to make the video, even got most of the other workers behind me on the project. It was such a special time I curled my mustache! Ready to shoot! Until “Lost Prevention” stopped us and said we couldn’t record back here because that is where their office is (even though it wouldn’t be in any shot) and I might show where a security camera is. Really? Boss’ hands were tied and my contest submission went up in smoke just like the icon when you break open the box. During lunch I placed the Flame Shield high up in the storage rafters where it stayed till this day maybe?

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