Controller Clip

Posted WEDNESDAY MARCH 2ND, 2011 22:32 PM

So for the longest time, in between games or breaks on Xbox Live, my friends and I would just talk. But I want to get a drink/heat up some pizza/make a souffle. The problem was that I, like many, had a wired headset. So at first I bent some aluminum strips and covered it with vinyl to get the job done. But then I learned how to use the router, and the diamond drag bit. Brian’s clip is the original design. Mine broke because it was the very first prototype and I bent it wrong too much. His is still perfectly fine. Though a little on the big side. When I got back into work after mine broke, I made another. This time more compact. The router was a bit messed up so you see the design isn’t completely etched. In the end you see the final design I made, it wouldn’t have those lines as they were bend guides, which I don’t use anymore. The idea of this was funny at first but I just clip it to my pants and my hands are free!

Sonic and Hobbes Walken Face