Scalloped Potatoes

Posted WEDNESDAY MARCH 2ND, 2011 1:41 AM

So, nearing Halloween, the General Manager, in all her wisdom, decides to have a fun contest for the employees. “Everyone will get a pumpkin, and instead of carving them, you can use stuff in your department to decorate them. As long as its not retail products.” Laughing at what she just unwittingly done. I get back to Dock and tell my boss I got this covered. I take some packaging tape, and over the weekend,, Scalloped Potatoes is born. I named him Scalloped Potatoes because scalloped potatoes goes great with everything, like MURDER. The black lines are little foam pieces for the shoulder areas on hangers, and the red is cosmetic box tape. All employers had to come to Dock to clock out, which is just past the doorway where I hung him in. Those arm were strong enough to support my own weight. Scalloped Potatoes lasted till June the following year when he was over exposed to the harsh Arizona direct sunlight and promptly collapsed. I replaced the pumpkin with a big wad of brown paper off some furniture, then finally with an old basketball in the back stock room. I never knew what happened to him, all those years ago.

The General Manager was not thrilled, and we did not win.

Harmonic Decimator Dedos Gigante