Harmonic Decimater

Posted WEDNESDAY MARCB 2ND, 2011 2:20 AM

The radio at work finally died. FINALLY. But no budget to get a new one. Seriously? So I go and buy a radio myself, nothing too fancy. I thought the satellite speakers would be good to have. A few months from the creation of Scalloped Potatoes. I felt the need to follow up with another abomination. So I made the Harmonic Decimeter. Easy to move around if needed, he never left that spot. Easily, half as many rolls of tape as Scalloped Potatoes. The little duck guy? Well after a long night of emptying out a trailer, I see him on the floor. With an agreement from the other workers to keep him and raise him as one of our own. I placed him on Harmonic Decimeter, and named him Camel.

Scalloped Potatoes