Dedos Gigante

Posted MONDAY JANUARY 14TH, 20:48 PM

I visited my friends in a far off land for a good while. During this time, Halloween happened to be there. Well at least their Halloween party. Always not sure of what I was going to do or be. I fall back on my tape stills and create a new hand. I wasn’t just going to make it like Scalloped Potato’s grabber. it needed to be better for a party. So I decided to do a little engineering and make the hand allow to be controlled by my host hand. I used some black yarn that I have tons of from my Bubby dolls as “tendons.” Also I used little water balloons as bladders to had resistance when I pulled the yarn so the fingers would open back up. And it worked out great. I was most pleased with the result. I also added glow sticks to the outside of the hand and up my arm under my shirt to a glowing “heart” area. The red glow sticks did not work as well as the green, and some were also broken in the packaging. All and all it was pretty great. I even scared a little girl so bad that she did that running in place movement trying to get away and climb on her mom to safety. Worth all the work. I ended up spending time with my parent’s for Halloween since I was in that part of the country at the time after the party. I used my paper maché skull head with the hand for more dramatic effect. The only bad part was that I needed to redo the bladders and tendons for they were tired and didn’t want to play anymore. It didn’t work as well but I got cheaper water balloons so there was not as much resistance. One last thing, I can’t believe that I never recorded any video of it. I mean I thought I did but I go through and looked and nothing came up. I was going to make a gif of it.

Scalloped Potatoes Flapjack Head