Richard’s Pinata

Posted SUNDAY JANUARY 29th, 2012 19:35 PM

Some time in between Christmas and New Year’s, my Aunt mentioned to me in an excited fashion, that she was going to have a surprise party for her eldest, Richard. Stating she was going to get a bouncy castle (Spiderman) and wanted to get a pinata for him. I told her about the one I made for my niece and I could make one for Richard, you know something he would like, like the Cardinals’ logo. Knowing he was a huge Cardinal’s fan, It was no problem. With the party getting closer I was about to start when my mother mentions that my Aunt was going to buy one. We called her to see what was going on only to find out she simply forgot, everything. Reinstating for me to make it, she suggests a beer bottle because she was going to fill it will little booze bottles. I stuck with the Cardinal’s logo.

Discoball Gia Pinata