Adriana’s Disco Ball

Posted TUESDAY MARCH 22ND, 2012 0:06 AM

After the creation of the Cardinal pinata for my cousin Richard, his bother Boogie asked for one for his upcoming daughters party in March. Family, I can’t say no, play payment was offered! Originally, it was meant to be the Phoenix Suns’ logo, basketball with flames of sort coming off of it. I thought it would have been cool but requests change…that is when he discussed it with his wife I’m sure. No big deal! I didn’t even start yet. As you’ll see in a few pictures, when I first thought I was finished. It ended up looking like some kind of alien object or good ol’ Sputnik if you will. After discussing my unhappiness with a friend, she suggested trying to make it more frilly like a normal pinata. OF COURSE! Visually, I am pretty happy with it, Performance-wise, it could have done much better, but the kids could not break it, the birthday girl was happy so I can’t complain really. Next one is scheduled in June so far.

Halloween Costume 08 Richard's Pinata