St. Nik’s Hat

Posted TUESDAY MARCH 1ST, 2011 20:58 PM

I’ve always wanted to sew, or be a Tailor, that sounds cooler. In November of 2006. I made the jump and bought a Singer Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The Embroidery was a complete fail. Everything I tried either jammed up the machine or broke needles. BAH! So before I sent it back, I at least wanted to try out the normal sewing function, and this is the result.

I lucked out and got “Santa suit fabric” from Joann’s, which I have never seen again. Especially not black at their store When I turned 21, I purchsed a Von Zipper hat for myself that I always wear around. Not wanting to give up my hat for my new one. I made it large enough to fit snug onto it. Over the years I have only replaced the feather, for the rest of the hat is just fine. I have worn it every Christmas since.

Flapjack Apron