Poppy Bed

Posted MONDAY JANUARY 14TH, 2013 17:25 PM

So while I was visiting a friend, they decided to get a puppy, and they named her Poppy! In this small town, they were being given away and the main shopping center. My friend’s wife comes home with this little pup for their daughter. For her bed at the time was a towel. Not the best towel either. So I took it upon myself to get the dog a bed. Of course of which were a little on the pricier side. I then decided to just make one. Still limited on materials cost, I get not just what I think would be best, but really it was the best they had. This tiny town was very limited in things they had to offer to create with. Unless I wanted wood, I could have made her a really elaborate wood bed, with a bed of saw dust or something. Even though they had no trees in this tiny town, they had two wood warehouses! Anyways, I got foam and some brown material I hoped would hold up to puppy claws and last her as she grew into a giant. Unfortunately I will never know this as the puppy become more then they were capable of handling and had to give her away.

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