Not Used for Cooking

Posted WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18TH, 2015 5:12 AM

I got another job at Domino’s, but this time I was delivering pizza as I was in my hometown. Part of my job unfortunately was to close every single freakin night I worked. And the worse part of closing? Washing dishes. The hose would spray water every where! I asked management for a dishwashers apron since the little ones every else wore for making pizza was not suitable for any amount of water. The water would easily bleed through and wet my pants! I mitigated this for a few months by tearing a trash bag in half and wearing it under a pizza apron…So I decided to make an apron not just for myself but the others that also washed dishes with me. I made this not just to fit me, but also the largest and smallest of the delivery guys. There is velcro in the back to allow it to fold up and not get wet for the shorter guys. Now I made two different aprons with different materials because the first one I made was out of a denim, which in the end would get too heavy after wearing it for a period of time. Not because of it soaking water, because I used a scotchguard to water protect it. The second one I made with a PVC that had a faux leather look and is much lighter. I also have it extra straps lower to tie it twice and allow it to better hug the body if needed. The PVC apron is still being used since I first brought it in months ago. Though I no longer work there, I left it for there for them. The denim one I brought home and wear it while working on other projects.

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