Not Your Normal Plate

Posted THURSDAY MARCH 22ND, 2012 13:22 PM

….for someone you to talk at subway…maybe? This was for Mickie over at the Subway I used to frequent every lunch. At least 5 times a week with a time or two being breakfast. He wanted something for his Dodge Charger, and his brother never could deliver. So I drew up a quick sketch and he liked it. Drew up the final drawing which is linked below and he liked that too. This took a lot longer then previous designs for work, obviously the tiny parts in the bandana were the culprit. Aside from an error the machine had causing it to stop. I think it came out great! He was most ecstatic when I handed it to him. The next time he asked if I could do more for his brothers and so forth, when I attached a price tag he become upset. I said it was fair trade for not charging me for an item here and there. These plates were always time consuming to create and make more with nothing in return was not fair on my end.

I like PIzzas SWE Sketch Banana Sticker Chest