Banana Stickers & Chest

Posted THURSDAY MARCH 22ND, 2012 0:48 AM

So many a year ago. A little cartoon known as Metalocalypse comes out. During all it’s ridiculous glory, there was an episode that revolved around the band needing therapy. A prize for doing a good job and also "Rock Talking," was a fabled banana sticker kept on Twinkletits (pronounced Twink-let-its) belt buckle lock. The show ends with the band realizing they can buy psychological validation. A friend of mine also being a huge fan of the show, years later brings up this very episode. So I start work on the fabled chest and stickers, not exactly the same but that was never the point. I did make it a little more piraty. Once completed, the chest held 300 banana stickers, 300 hundred because that is all I made.

In a slightly related story, I had to print them up a couple times just in case. Since the plotter at work wasn’t always the best. The first few 300 didn’t come out perfect like those shown. I didn’t throw them away. I gave some to various co-workers, who at most deserved defunct Banana Stickers. Many others, I stuck randomly through-out the entire work place. Entirely unnoticeable unless you moved, or looked somewhere you wouldn’t normally look.

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