Blazing Cowbell Spartan Company Montage

Posted SATURDAY APRIL 23RD , 2016 16:05 PM

After finishing my first Halo 5 montage, and before making another. I wanted to make one featuring members from my Spartan Company, Blazing Cowbell

After messaging everyone on Xbox Live, I started getting getting clips and I went to work! Going over to to download their clips, mushing them together and finding the right music. Some members gave me more clips then others. So I tried to give each member the spot light for around one minute. Since Xbox One records clips in 30 seconds by default, I just had to trim most of them down. All and all I got clips from 26 members including myself that went into this montage. I am pretty happy with it!

Video Information

Halo 5 gameplay montage featuring

Blazing Cowbell Spartan Company Members