Catty’s Dragon

Posted SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27TH, 2011 1:41 AM

Many eons ago. Back in 2001 I had this friend on a Sonic The Hedgehog message board, to be exact. A great place where other like minded Sonic fans could freely speak with others. And for whatever reason dragons became a big thing at one point. Thus Chokito was born (not my name for it but hers) My friend enjoyed this a lot. I was in an art class in high school and at that time we were making 6′ x 6″ plaques with clay. I decided to do this picture as a 24″ x 24″! Weeks of school time I worked on it only for the teacher to prematurely put it in the kiln before drying, causing it to explode. The only remaining pieces of Chokito are his right hand and horn, which I placed into an empty McDonald’s bag, ha! No pictures of the claw beast exist to my knowledge

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