Valentine’s Day Cards!

Posted MONDAY FEBRUARY 11TH, 2013 17:47 PM

Back in the 3rd grade. Valentine’s Day was coming again. I felt like doing things a little different then before. Everyone would buy those little packs of cards of your favorite cartoon and such. I decided to make my own. I spent many days after school drawing individual cards for everyone in my class. About 30 kids, including the teacher. I made rules for myself. No two could be the same, and none can have Sonic in it. Because everyone already knew me as a huge Sonic fan.

With the holiday approaching again I thought I would make a few for those on the internet to use if they would like. I made four altogether. A Mario/Alien,Skyrim, and Saint’s Row the Third themed cards. I also set them up in two different fashions. One is so you could print on both the front and back of the paper to make the card by folding it over. And the other is just printing it once and folding over twice to make a smaller card. I hope they are enjoyable.