Hey everybuddy…Norm!

Posted WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14TH, 2013 20:27 PM

The episode, “Simon & Marcy” came out at the end of March. I have been wanting to do this picture since the end of March! I finally managed to get around to it recently and ta-da! If you still haven’t seen the episode, well it’s from March. The theme song for Cheers is featured in it as well as a little skit, and I was completely surprised at it. I used to watch Cheers when I was a wee lad because it used to show every weeknight after the local news, and before Leno in the early 90’s. Don’t worry, everyone is drinking Juice! Apple juice, foamy apple juice.

Finn – Sam Malone Jake – Norm Peterson
Lumpy Space Princess – Carla Tortelli Marceline – Cliff Clavin
Ice King – Dr. Frasier Crane Peppermint Butler – Woody Boyd
Princess Bubblegum – Rebecca Howe Flame Princess – Diane Chambers
Gunther – Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane BMO – Ernie ‘Coach’ Pantusso
and Lady Rainicorn as the Bar!