Posted WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18TH, 2015 8:34 AM

So this was a bit of an odd situation. When Blizzard first showed off the trailer for Overwatch, everyone was talking Team Fortress 2 clone. But yet all I could think of is how the Widowmaker’s design is so similar to a HUcaseal in Phatasy Star Online: Blue Burst. So I finally got around to making an image of the two of them together, and what’al’ya know. They are pretty different after all. I mean they do have pony tails, high heeled boots, similarish color, white/light skin. Also Widowmaker’s infared helmet is very similar to a helmet you can pick for HUcaseal. This picture took me far too long to make. I need more practice in using my tablet and digitally painting. I have a real hard time with line work. I also added a link to the bottom to the video of the timelapse I made of it. I like making timelapsi!