That which is who I am

Watashi     The name is Ineedmorcowbell! Back when Halo 2 came out on the original Xbox, I needed an Xbox Live name! One that fit my personality perfectly. Unfortunately Sonics89Mustang was apparently taken, and 3 tries later I came to Ineedmorcowbell! What with the sketch still fresh in everyones mind, and Microsoft only allowing 15 characters instead of 16. I am a huge Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega fan! So you will see a lot of things that are pretty close to those things. But I also like many, many other things! I like to draw, sew, 3d modeling, all kinds of things really. I try to work on things all the times but always get hung up on one thing or another. I do a podcast/vlog every Monday for my soundcloud and youtube channels which is just talking about things going on with myself or things I am interested. I stream on Twitch when I either am playing a game or working on something computer related like my Studiopolis Zone Winamp Skin I just finished. I haven’t got around to getting a setup going to allow me to stream hand drawings or sewing or what have you.